Friday, June 28, 2019

Dodging storms on Whitecap

The Mahosuuc Range and the Presidential Range from Whitecap

We have hiked Whitecap Mountain in Rumford an average of once or twice a week all year long for the past 8 years. I love hiking Whitecap in the late fall when the first snow begins to fall. That's happened to us a couple of times over the past 8 years. Last year, we hiked on the afternoon of the first big snowstorm of the year. Descending the mountain in a light snow is exhilarating. I also like timing a hike in the summer when thunderstorms build in the Mahosuuc Mountain range. No, I don't have a death wish or think I can dodge lightening, but I love to watch the clouds build through the western hills. If a storm starts to percolate... we're out of there.

Yesterday, we hiked through light rains and intermittent sunshine with temps in the 80s. Several storm clouds swirled around the mountaintop but never materialized. These moments in the woods are when I feel most alive and an integral part of nature.

Mt Washington high above the western mountains. 
After the hike--he had a slew of swims map of my hike on GPS... we were a bit slow today. 

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