Saturday, October 31, 2020

Whitecap Mountain #176 of the Year


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We climbed our 4th mountain of the week this Halloween Saturday. There will be a blue moon after a day with plenty of sunshine. Though the temperature was around 40, I warmed up quickly and figured I overdressed. Didn't matter--loved it. I worried a bit about Bailey, but he did the deal on the up and greeted fellow hikers politely...only after I checked in with them. I met one fellow on the way up who was resting on a stump. He was just 15% of the way up and I knew he should think twice about summiting. I gave him an alternate route that goes by several water falls and connects to the Starr Trail (Yellow). Twenty-four more hikes to hike 200. It'd be fun to accomplish this.    

Old Speck

The tallest peak in the distance is Mt Washington in New Hampshire

After the last steep section. 

Waiting for his human at the top of the final cliff climb. 

And again

Just before the first cliff climb. 

After the hike...WHERE'S THE TREAT?!

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Bald and Speckled Mountains.


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We hiked Bald and Speckled Mountains today. A little over 5 miles in around 3 hours. Fallen leaves created some slick spots and hid roots and loose rocks under foot. Let me tell you, though, Bailey hammered these two peaks. A couple of steeps had me thinking about turning back because I worried not so much about the ups but the slick downs. Didn’t matter. The old mutt dropped it into a mountain-dog climbing gear and took care of it. Good boy, Bailey. HYOH.

The following post is what I wrote on Bernese Mountain Dogs International website. Berners die between the ages of 6.5 and 7.0 years on average in America. Bailey's still at it, so this is a kind of cheerleading note to fellow Berner owners:    

Yesterday, Bailey Tuckerman and I climbed mountains #173 and #174 on our way to 200 for the year (fingers crossed). Bailey’s 10.5 years old and still hammering the trails as he has all his life. On the way down Speckled Mt. here in Maine, he leaped off a 5-foot ledge; I pictured him doing damage to a leg. Nope. He just turned around and looked at me, his eyes saying, “Let’s go! It’s almost dinner time.” I know I’m a fortunate guy to have this mountain-climbing Berner for so many years. We’ll climb the last 26 mountains for all those BMDs who couldn’t.

Little Concord Pond at the base of Bald. 

Looking up from Bald Mountain to Speckled. 

Cone-shaped Mount Blue in the distance.

"What's next?" 

Concord Pond. 

Concord Pond with the White Mountains in the background. 

The machine. 

Summit tag. 

Feed me. 

Happy to be home. 
(Yes, I took my own photo in a mirror. Shameless.)

Monday, October 12, 2020

Fireplace Trail in the Fall: Center Hill, Mount Blue State Park

The Fireplace


Weld in Fall (October 12, 2020)


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We hiked a new trail on Center Hill that I've named the Fireplace Trail. However, this set of photos are from Burt's Point (with a few Center Hill shots) and are specifically for family. Click on photos to enlarge. Best viewed on a large screen computer or laptop. 


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"I'm hungry."