Thursday, May 28, 2020

90+ Degrees on Black/White Trail

This hot and sticky day, Bailey stayed at Sharon's Daycare while I hiked Black Mountain in the toughest heat of this year. Like many of us, Bailey needs a few weeks to acclimate to temperature changes (well, but not to cold weather), so hanging out with Sharon is the very best alternative. It's hard to believe but just 12 days ago we had snow... now, skyrocketing temperatures. Heat or not, it's good to have my knee somewhat recovered and the trail available.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Hiking Bretton Woods

Mount Washington Hotel and the cloud encased Mount Washington

I've been sidelined from hiking for the past few weeks due to a bout of patella tendonitis (a knee issue). Today, I intended to take a big loop around the White Mountains in New Hampshire stopping here and there for walks. Half way around the loop I stopped The Rig at Bretton Woods ski area, just opposite the Mount Washington Hotel and Mount Washington. I figure that Bailey and I could stretch our legs and pee on the mountain. About an hour later we had summited. Odd how that goes. I didn't think my knee would handle a strenuous hike, but lo and behold no issues. I'm thinking it may be my new hiking shoes that have caused an issue. Remember: Click photos to enlarge. 


Four feet near the summit

Race information 1/4 of the way up


Mountain map

Near the summit lodge and conference center

Good view of Mount Washington with the Cog Railway on the left

Conference center and lodge at summit

From a parking lot near the mountain

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Happy 10th Birthday, Bailey Tuckerman!

On selection day, June 2010.
It's hard to believe that Bailey is 10 today. It seems like last week that I trucked up to the base of Sunday River with my friends, Kate and Gayle, to choose this little guy. From the second I saw the 3 little pups tripping around in the grass, I fell in love. And I especially loved Bailey's mom, Maggie. What a mellow, loving dog she was.

Yesterday, we hiked Whitecap Mountain in a steady wind. Near the western summit I broke into an intermittent jog. Today, I'm paying for it. I thought Bailey would be a bit stiff today, too--but, he's not showing any signs of the hike. So, I think we'll take Black Mountain today because it has Bailey's favorite feature... snow. 

Since May 2019, Bailey and I have taken 194 hikes. Many of them have been short 60- to 90-minute hikes. But quite a few have been longer like Burke Mountain (VT),  Saddleback (ME), and the Black/White Trail in town.

What's next? Well, we'll see how our legs and bodies hold out. I can't think of a better way to spend a life than hiking with a good dog.

Road trip in May 2020 around Rangeley and Weld



Saturday, May 9, 2020

Climbing Whitecap's Yellow Trail

I hadn't planned on traversing Whitecap's face, but with snow arriving today (yes, May 9th), I decided I best enjoy a longer hike. On the west side cliff ascent, I ran into a guy from southern Maine and we chatted for 5 minutes. After the traverse to what I like to call the western summit, we ran into a family of five and then 3 kids from the local high school. On this trip, I took photos of cairns and a little bit of the view.

First ascent up the Whitecap cliffs

Bailey just above the cliffs waiting for me to catch up. 

Trail after the first cliffs

Just before the western summit 

From the western summit--Sunday River ski resort poking over the first mountain and
Mt Washington (NH) in the far back. 

Heading back down at the Black/White trail intersection
Heading back down at the Black/White trail intersection

Sunday River's Whitecap with its steep trails. 

Bailey awaiting a treat after the hike. 

Saturday, May 2, 2020

True Summit of Black Mountain for UMaine Video

Happy Graduation Class of 2020!

Our college is putting together a collage of well wishes from staff members and professors. I decided to record mine on the top of Black Mountain.

We hiked 4.2 miles. The top of Black had 2 feet of snow and, of course,
I fell through at one point and soaked my feet. No problem--it was 61 degrees! 

Whitecap then Sunday River, then the White Mountains in New Hampshire.
Whitecap granite top then Sunday River ski area, the White Mountains in New Hampshire. 

AllTrails app

There's no way I burned 1224 calories on this hike.