Saturday, May 9, 2020

Climbing Whitecap's Yellow Trail

I hadn't planned on traversing Whitecap's face, but with snow arriving today (yes, May 9th), I decided I best enjoy a longer hike. On the west side cliff ascent, I ran into a guy from southern Maine and we chatted for 5 minutes. After the traverse to what I like to call the western summit, we ran into a family of five and then 3 kids from the local high school. On this trip, I took photos of cairns and a little bit of the view.

First ascent up the Whitecap cliffs

Bailey just above the cliffs waiting for me to catch up. 

Trail after the first cliffs

Just before the western summit 

From the western summit--Sunday River ski resort poking over the first mountain and
Mt Washington (NH) in the far back. 

Heading back down at the Black/White trail intersection
Heading back down at the Black/White trail intersection

Sunday River's Whitecap with its steep trails. 

Bailey awaiting a treat after the hike. 

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