Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Whitecap as Spring Explodes


Spring green has sprung. But as I trekked along the Yellow trail, my hiking brain could still see the ice and snow of late March and early April. Each year I'm taken aback by how quickly the transformation from winter/spring to spring/summer occurs. Black flies swarmed but didn't bite. Im' not sure if that's because I've grown immune or because my smell is off-putting. 

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Mountain Valley HS Prom

Aubrie & Azi 
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Azi and his friends had a wicked fun prom up at Black Mountain of Maine ski resort. The boys dressed at Ian Cameron's home with a riverside view. Then, they took a short drive up to the Pepin's home with an equally fun view of the Androscoggin River. There, the girls and guys had photos taken--then off to prom. The post-prom gathering took place at Logan's grandparents' home in Peru. The Prom looks wildly successful and Azi is happy.  

Five of the seven exchange students. 

Aubrie and Azi

The boys

The whole crew

The girls

More of the guys

Azi and Logan 

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Azi's Book

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After a couple of weeks of tracking down pictures, organizing pages, and writing small passages... Azi's 40-page yearbook is finished. The hard copy will arrive next week, but I like that Blurb includes online previews if, my dear reader, you have the energy to search for the books I've written for my exchange students: A Year in America  

I've created these exchange student yearbooks since 2008-2009 because I know they'll foster fun memories for these international students in the years to come.  I've always pictured these boys-turned-men showing the books to friends, future partners, or children. In some cases I'll be long gone when this happens, but the idea makes me feel good. 

I know Azi's parents, sister, and entire family will love paging through this book when he returns home in the next few days. They will picture the deep friendships he's made with both young and old and get a glimpse of the world created here in America. I believe his parents will get a greater sense of their son's life here and that will make their sacrifice of sending their son to America even more special. There's something unique about a collection like A Year in America that captures the moments of one's life. 

Here's to Azi... his family and friends. Godspeed.  


Opening page

Page 17

Page 23

Books from years past

Inner pages of a past yearbook

The Big 12... Happy Birthday, Bailey

HAPPY 12TH BIRTHDAY, BAILEY! You made it. In celebration of year number 12, Bailey and I hiked 6 mountains in 9 days. On the 10th day, in this wicked hot weather, we rested. Here are a few pictures from the trails over the past 6 months. 

Bailey contemplating life on a trail at
Black Mountain of Maine. 

A favorite from late fall 2021. 

Birthday hike

Early fall 2021

The Mahoosucs

I just want a treat. 

Sunday River