Thursday, May 25, 2023

Cataracts Trail -plus

I intend to hike the Dunn Falls trail off the AT, but for some reason--oh, threatening skies--I stopped at Cataracts instead. This trail parallels a river and an extension just heads off into Never-Neverland. It looks like the trail heads toward the AT but we didn't go that far. Fun pictures, though. 


Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Hiking Lollapalooza on Sunday River


Canadian forest fires out west caused haze over the mountains of western Maine. I still felt energized by the mountains, the leftover snow, running water, and Bailey's strength in the climb. I had a sense when we arrived that we'd only make it half way up Lollapalooza, but the dog is a machine and motored his way up, grabbing mouthfuls of snow, running on some flat sections, and slurping from the streams running down the alpine trail. What an impressive climb for the oldster. On our way home, we stopped off at the home of Estelle and Ralph, the folks whose dog Maggie gave birth to Bailey and his sisters in May 2010. Always fun to see them and visit Bailey's first home. They liked hearing his stories... I suppose I told too many. 

Le machine. 

Sunday, May 21, 2023

New Trail on Whitecap


River to Ridge Trail on Whitecap

This new trail connects one mile up on Yellow Trail and heads back down to the Andover Road. When you read the Andover road, it's about a half mile walk back to the Whitecap Trailhead parking lot. It's a woodsy trail with no views at this time of year except for peeks through branches at the mountain ranges on the way up to Andover.  

Click on the following trail name and you'll see my AllTrails recording of the hike: River to Ridge Trail.

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Happy 13th Birthday, Bailey!

Happy 13th Birthday, Bailey. 
Here's to the mountains we've yet to climb. 
You're a good boy. 

The last seven days have been busy. We hiked 3 mountains, toured Weld by foot, and one of us mowed the lawn which I call Trail 728 while the other napped on the lawn. We did about 10 miles of mountain hiking and another 14 miles of walks. As a result, I've got a sore knee and Bailey seems reborn. Doesn't quite seem fair.   Click on the photos below to enlarge. 

Saddleback Mountain, Rangeley, Maine

Cartoon effect

After a Mystery Mountain hike. 

During a Whitecap hike

Crazy boy/ 

Maybe 8-10 years ago on Mt. Zircon

Three years ago at the "Famous Sign." 

Clowning around

Bailey at 4 weeks in 2010

After a Whitecap hike

Up on Red Hill