Sunday, May 14, 2023

Happy 13th Birthday, Bailey!

Happy 13th Birthday, Bailey. 
Here's to the mountains we've yet to climb. 
You're a good boy. 

The last seven days have been busy. We hiked 3 mountains, toured Weld by foot, and one of us mowed the lawn which I call Trail 728 while the other napped on the lawn. We did about 10 miles of mountain hiking and another 14 miles of walks. As a result, I've got a sore knee and Bailey seems reborn. Doesn't quite seem fair.   Click on the photos below to enlarge. 

Saddleback Mountain, Rangeley, Maine

Cartoon effect

After a Mystery Mountain hike. 

During a Whitecap hike

Crazy boy/ 

Maybe 8-10 years ago on Mt. Zircon

Three years ago at the "Famous Sign." 

Clowning around

Bailey at 4 weeks in 2010

After a Whitecap hike

Up on Red Hill

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