Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Luiz and Bailey at UMF

After yesterday's UMF soccer match vs. Johnson State (Vermont) with former exchange student Luiz Gustavo Ristow. Exciting match with a 3-1 result to UMF. Sixteen Rumford fans attended the match to support Luiz and his teammates. Luiz played a terrific match at midfield... his distribution to teammates was excellent and his attacks into the red zone created havoc for Johnson State. Well played, Luiz!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Running Black Mountain of Maine's cross-country trail.

This morning, I finished what I suspect, and hope, will be the final edit of Writing on the Bus. To celebrate, extra BBQ chips for lunch and four Oreo cookies... then, a run on Black Mountain of Maine's cross-country trail with Bailey, the editing hound. Now, I wait for the final proof and the cover draft.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The boys and me on Bubble Rock Mountain on Mt. Desert Island

What we miss...

...this new book came back in a pdf composite draft. I and a copy editor from the publishing house had been over a previous draft a few weeks back. But when I went over the draft again this time, noticed that the typesetter had left out the conclusion from the Contents page and that the conclusion had been backed into the penultimate chapter of the book, an FAQ section. More than several eyes had reviewed this manuscript for issues--and we found many in both the first and second drafts. But a whole chapter being left out of the Contents and being combined with another chapter...? It just goes to show what most of us already know: the more we look at something we think we know, the more it looks like what we think it is supposed to be and not what it really is...

Complicated, mysterious, and difficult... that's writing.