Sunday, September 25, 2022

Searching for Color on Black Mountain

Mt Blue in Weld from St. John Trail on Black Mountain

With my 50th high school class reunion on the horizon, I've enjoyed posting pictures on our Facebook site especially for my classmates from away. I focus on town happenings (e.g., the new hotel), hiking, and foliage. The Western Maine forests seem like they're right on schedule for good colors like back in 2020. They're not there yet, but I can see that the weekend of October 7th may well be peak colors.    

In search of turkey poop...

Gotta hit Red Hill again soon. 

Old guy, new hat... don't help! 

Love those mountains

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Lyndon Outing Club, Lyndonville, Vermont


We took the drive on Route 2 to visit one of the oldest ski areas in America. As the Lyndon Outing Club website explains, 

The Lyndon Outing Club (LOC) was established in 1937, founded by an active group of local skiers. In its heyday, the LOC was home to a competition ski jump and once served as training grounds for Olympic ski hopefuls. The LOC has been home to sled dog races, snow sculpture contests, and slalom races.

We visited on a stunning fall day with a strong wind. The lodge has been rented for what looked to be a halloween party and several teens knocked about in the area's skate park. The slopes in the offseason combine hiking and mountain biking. There are glimpses of Willoughby Gap as well as the rolling hills of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. I could see Burke Mountain Ski Resort in the distance where we've hiked and Burke Mountain Academy where I've conducted workshops on athletes' writing. 

Glimpse of Willoughby Gap

Willoughby Gap from Burke Mountain (Ski) Academy

Picnic table 1/4 way up 


White Mountains

Dinner stop

Dessert for the ride home

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Whitecap in 1:58


Bailey may be on drugs from the vet, but that didn't slow him down. He and I hammered Whitecap Mountain in just under 2 hours. I wasn't even pushing; in fact, we stopped and chatted leisurely with a couple from southern Maine between the 2nd and 3rd granite slabs on the Yellow Trail. I also took a slew of photos. Can't wait for the colors to fully turn. 

Mystery Mountain +


My friend, Jeff Arsenault, explored Mystery Mountain and found another cliff not quite a mile beyond the second cliff. It's a gentle hike on which he and his wife Shirley have stacked more than a few cairns. This addition will make Mystery more than just a quick, "at-least-I-did-something" hike. Thanks, Shirley and Jeff. 

Enjoying the sunshine on Cliff 3, Mystery-Plus