Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Whitecap Connector Trail #208


Whitecap Glades for skiers. Makes me think of a Frost poem about birch trees. 

We drove out to Whitecap Mountain and planned a short hike up Yellow, across the upper Connector Trails (.6 miles long), and down Orange. This 2.1 mile hike isn't demanding at all; however, the small water falls demand attention especially with the various ice formations. 

Trying to figure out his way across with getting wet. 
Smart dog. 

Figured it out. Feeling smart. And then....

Wicked proud of his jumping across the stream. 

This is the lower Connector at the bottom of
the Yellow Trail. 

This is the lower Connector at the bottom of
the Yellow Trail. 


Full Moon on Joe Pond Trails #207


After work today, I took a quick hike out the back door up onto what we call the Joe Pond Trails. It's only a 3-plus mile hike, but it's a good uphill. On the way back down, the moon surprised me. I don't pay attention to moon phases, but I did this one.  Remember to click photos to enlarge. 

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Red Hill, west


Looking toward The Presidential Range nearing sunset.

We headed up Red Hill yet again for Hike #204, but this time we walked northwest toward Whitecap and the back side of Black Mountain. The 2-3" of snow offered a good workout and packed Bailey's paws with snow. Didn't matter much: we just kept on trekking. Click on photos to enlarge. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Dear Kent Family Foreigns & Families

Click on photos to enlarge. Laptop or iPad viewing preferred. 

Happy New Year!


December 2020


Dear Kent Family Foreigns and Families, 


Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!


I hope this note finds you happy and healthy, and that you’re able to be with your families. As I’ve said a few times on Facebook or via email, I miss you all… as the wood pellets arrive, snowstorms hit, or Bailey starts barking and wanting to play at 8:00pm in the evening! Where are you when I need you? Kidding aside, I have good memories of our best days over the past 35 years thanks to each of you.  

I’m leaning toward leaving the university in August 2021 so I can travel around the country in The Rig (my van) to visit family and former student-athletes. I also hope to spend more time writing what I want to write. (Here's my pre-COVID-19 travel plan in The Rig.) I also have an eye on summer/fall 2022 for a trip to Europe; and, as always, the door is open to your visits. Try to time those Maine visits during pellet-lugging and snow-shoveling time… Just kidding. Kind of. But you could ski! 

This past school year (2019-2020), we welcomed Sebino and Guido. (The boys' blog.) As you may know, due to COVID-19 the boys headed home in March ’20. What a tough way to end an exchange and to leave their friends. Most other exchange students in America went home, too. 

                                      Sebino (left, Netherlands) and Guido (left, Spain) 

                                                                  Click to enlarge. 


In the fall of ’19, our favorite German, Felix (2014-15) and our favorite Dane, Espen (2017-18) came for visits. At the winter holidays, my first-ever exchange student--and my most favorite exchange student of ever and ever--Jose Ytuarte (1985, Mexico) and his wonderful family came to ski and celebrate 2020. And yes, of course, everyone’s a favorite!

Jose, Sofia, Sebino, Noemi, Felipe, Guido

Jose lugging wood in 1985. Yup, we heated with wood. 
Yup, we were cold. :-) 

Finally, two parents came to visit as well: Sebino’s fun-loving mom Mariska and Felix’s burger-loving dad, Hans. Those visits were great fun for the boys and me. 

Over parts of the year, Connie and Ben have shared good times with their grandson, Luke. For her 10th year in a row, Connie participated in a fundraising event to raise money for children's cancer. This year, the 26-mile marathon walk took place in Rumford! Connie broke her all-time record for time and fundraising!!! Appropriately enough, Ben had music playing at the finish line! Go, Connie! Go! 

Our big hiking news: Bailey and I made our goal of 200+ hikes in 2020. Last month, we finished 4 hikes in one week—by the end we were limping around the house at night like a couple of oldsters. Then I remembered: we are a couple of oldsters! We’re on either side of 70 years old! I'm hoping Bailey will stay healthy enough to enjoy this coming summer/fall and our trip in The Rig. He's in remarkable shape at his age (10.5 years) for his breed. I've been lucky. Him, too!  

Bailey resting on his bed in The Rig in the National Forest of Vermont. 

Bailey in his seat. 

The Rig at a hiking trailhead in New Hampshire. 
Note the van's license plate: HYOH. Anyone? 

That’s the news from here in Maine. I really do enjoy hearing about your adventures, from motocross races to the births of your children, from your travels to far off places to the small moments that reveal what your life is like as adults. 

This afternoon, Bailey and I will head off in the 30-degree weather on this blue-sky December day for Hike #204. During that hike I’ll be thinking of each of you and the good days we shared here in Maine. Be safe. Stay well. I miss your laughter.  



....and Bailey

After a Whitecap Mt hike.  

Black Mountain

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Grandpa Burt, Mount Washington, and Among the Clouds


I won't dwell on the embarrassment of "finding" a packet of my grandfather's Boston Globe articles (columns) from 1958. Suffice it to say, they were sitting in plain sight on top of the first-floor bookcase in an envelope. My  search (it took all of 90 seconds) ensured after Rob shared that his son, Ryan, and his wife, Kristin, purchased a Christmas-gift copy of Burt's Among the Clouds (c. 1877), our great-great grandfather's newspaper published on the summit of Mount Washington. I took a few photographs of the articles and may be interested in more fully sharing the articles and materials throughout the winter. 

Next, I discovered (in the same bookcase right next to the articles) a 1974 reprint of Vol. 1, NO. 1 of Burt's Among the Clouds and a special edition of the newspaper that celebrated Grandpa Burt's 1960 publication of The Story of Mount Washington. An author's signing party took place on the summit in the summer of 1960, and if I'm correct, both Rob and our mother attended. That memory may be hazy.

Remember, click on photos to enlarge. Laptop or desktop will allow better viewing.    

Burt's Among the Clouds 

The Story of Mount Washington