Saturday, October 6, 2018

Writing Workout

US Ski & Snowboard High Performance Athletes... and the Professor
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Back in September I conducted a workshop with the athletes at the US Ski & Snowboard High Performance Center at Carrabassett Valley Academy, Sugarloaf/USA. They have a fabulous workout facility.  

Several years earlier, I came to CVA to interview and then conduct a research project on Sam Morse, a Maine skier who had kept notebooks on his skiing since early elementary school. Now a member of the Sam Morse, US Ski Team, Sam explains how writing in his notebooks helps his ski racing:  
Silver Medal at World Championships 

"Writing for me is a way to process what is buzzing around in my head. When I put my thoughts on paper I begin to see things more clearly. Lately I have been writing a lot about ski technique and how I feel each day when I try new things in training. This process of writing down what I am experiencing has some times opened new doors in my mind of the way to do something. When I say 'something,' I am talking about the nit and gritty of ski racing technique and tactics. Recently over the past few months I have written a lot about the development of the top of the turn. I have been looking back at my writing and trying to use the things that work to try to make myself a faster ski racer."    –Sam Morse, US Ski Team, CVA Alum 

New Book

My colleague and friend Ken Martin and I have been working on The Golfer's Workbook for the past year. It's based on years of golf research as well as the training logs, notebooks, and journals of world-class athletes. The Golfer's Workbook provides a variety of reflective writing activities that can optimize a golfer's performance. Writing in this workbook will develop a golfer's thinking, learning, and play. 
Ken and I received a lot of thoughtful feedback over the past year from Suzie Cary, Staci Creech, Rob Kent, Hilary Martin, Todd McKinley, Niles Parker, Kenneth P. Trevett, and Torrey Viger. Our thanks to each.

Talk about a blogging slacker... I've been spending all my time with social media such as Facebook and Insta. I neglect Blogger because it's cumbersome as compared to the other sites. Nevertheless, I'll try to commit more time to this platform.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Maggie's Room

Our Maggie
Here's the big news from Pam and Fred... A portion of Maggie's estate has been given to the camp to build a new bedroom on the back porch of the Edwards' camp and to put new pine wood in the other back bedroom. Ultimately, the two bedrooms will look like Aunt Barbie's room in the front of the camp; the rooms will also have new windows (that actually go up and down!) plus new mattresses. In addition, Pam and Fred are dedicating more of the estate funds for new windows on the front porch of the Edwards!

This summer, we'll raise a glass in celebration of our Maggie and her room in the Edwards' Camp. Thanks, Pam and Fred!

Talking room and wood and technical stuff. 

Gorgeous day in Weld. 

Here's the wood that will go on the walls. 

Here's the dogs keeping an eye on the work in progress. 

From inside Edwards' camp; note the door that will lead into Maggie's Room. 

Pam & Fred on a union contracted break. 

Maggie's Room Construction Site.