Saturday, October 6, 2018

Writing Workout

US Ski & Snowboard High Performance Athletes... and the Professor
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Back in September I conducted a workshop with the athletes at the US Ski & Snowboard High Performance Center at Carrabassett Valley Academy, Sugarloaf/USA. They have a fabulous workout facility.  

Several years earlier, I came to CVA to interview and then conduct a research project on Sam Morse, a Maine skier who had kept notebooks on his skiing since early elementary school. Now a member of the Sam Morse, US Ski Team, Sam explains how writing in his notebooks helps his ski racing:  
Silver Medal at World Championships 

"Writing for me is a way to process what is buzzing around in my head. When I put my thoughts on paper I begin to see things more clearly. Lately I have been writing a lot about ski technique and how I feel each day when I try new things in training. This process of writing down what I am experiencing has some times opened new doors in my mind of the way to do something. When I say 'something,' I am talking about the nit and gritty of ski racing technique and tactics. Recently over the past few months I have written a lot about the development of the top of the turn. I have been looking back at my writing and trying to use the things that work to try to make myself a faster ski racer."    –Sam Morse, US Ski Team, CVA Alum 

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