Sunday, April 18, 2021

Whitecap Snow Loop... Hike #62

What was supposed to be a nor'easter with 6-8" of heavy spring snow, fizzled out at the lower levels. Higher up on local mountains 6 to 8 inches did fall making hiking abysmal.  When we got out to Whitecap, we faced rain and snow with secure footing in most places and no other hikers. I didn't want to hike up onto the ledges with Bailey--I'm guessing he would have been fine, but I would have needed microspikes and that wasn't in the cards for this hike. Microspikes on ledge with minimal snow can be slippery.  

I bought 3 new sets of hiking boots and shoes this past month to last through most of 2022. I tried all of them, working to break them in, and that has created a problem with my feet. It's apparent I need to stay with one pair--break them in and let my orthotics adjust to one pair of new shoes. I write this here as a way of keeping track of this injury and to see how long it'll take to recover. I'll know more when I take a walk and perhaps a small hike today. We'll see. Foot issues come with the territory. 

Drenched but happy. 

We are headed back for treats, right? 

No more pictures. But thanks. 

The falls on the lower Connector trail. 

The second bridge on the upper Connector Trail. 

Soaking but moving...

On the Connector

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Glassface Mountain.... #60

The Androscoggin

Yesterday, Bailey found a huge mound of turkey poop to roll in. I really wanted to punish him, so he hiked the whole Red Hill trail on leash and then he was treated to a bath on the side lawn. Finally, he received  his peanut butter Kong stuffed with treats. As always, I showed him. 

Today, we shot up Glassface for the first time this year. It takes just 25 minutes to summit and about the same to get back down to the trailhead. We walk through a graveyard to hit the trail, and I pass old friends like The Whitings, Elaine and Richard, two of my former custodians from my days at the high school, Mr. Bulger and Doug Hodson, and then the family plot of my colleague from UMaine, Walt Abbott.  I also recognize a slew of other family names from town. 

One of the switchbacks

The Androscoggin

Zircon and the old Madison Inn

The Androscoggin

Sunday River's With Heat still snowed

It's as if you'll run into trolls. 

Old guy with Dog

"I will get a treat, right?"


Sunday, April 11, 2021

Ice Out!

Byron Notch... the quintessential camp view. 
Click on photos to enlarge. 

Springs can be unique in Maine... big snow and 80 degree temperatures. We never know. This year it's dry. The ice is out and the road is mostly dry. Out front, the Ogilvie's beach is a wood lot while the beach in front of the Edwards' camp looks like someone cleaned it. Oh, wait! I worked for hours on that beach. Finally, you'll notice the back porch on the Kent camp is at a small angle and a post has fallen. High water can do that. Otherwise, things are looking good upta camp. 

Bailey looking for turkey poop to roll in. 

Tree down across the road. 

Canadian Geese honking and carrying on. Video below. 

Listen to these honkers! 

If you've seen Tumbledown, the movie--this view is 
captured on film. 

The wood pile survived! 

Post down on Kent camp

Note the angle of the step and back porch.

The Ogilvie Beach (Sorry, Julie.)

The last snow banking. :-) 



Sadie... click to enlarge. 

If I ever were to adopt an old dog that needed a home, Sadie would be my girl. Bailey's fur-friend from daycare, Sadie is 14 years old, has a tumor on her liver, she's deaf, and her back right leg sets off at an odd angle and is a problem. Nevertheless, Sadie is a happy, joyous dog who loves short walks and hanging out with her buddies at Sharon's. 

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Almost 70 degrees on Whitecap

Sunday River White Heat Trail

We were both pooped today from the heat. Bailey took his first trail swim of the season and I did not. I"m breaking in new boots, so my toes are getting smashed up and my feet feel hot... but! We were out there. 

Find the Berner

First swim

Second swim

Last snow!