Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Whitecap a little faster...


Ice and crust still caused a bit of havoc on Whitecap especially for the half mile above the Orange Trail switchbacks. Today, at 57 degrees with sun, we hiked what's usually a 1:56 hike in 2:21 whereas last week (and in the next post) we were deathly slow at about 2:45.  Tonight, we're paying a small price as my right knee is wrapped in ice and Bailey's out cold. 

Gearing up for the hike. 

Mt Abram

Off to the first granite slab

Detour for cooling ice. 

Old Speck on the AT


Happy Pooch. 


Ice on some of the trails. 

Sunday River 

Ice on the trails and a rest in his future. 

Wicked slow...

We hiked Whitecap on March 31st. In the dry season, we hike up Yellow and down Orange in 1:56, give or take. Not the other day. It took us 2:40. The ups were fine, maneuvering the icy trails on the way down proved a pain. The Yellow Trail's granite slabs had some ice, but except for one spot on the way up, the ascent proved dry. We're heading out again today. It's in the 50's!  

At the first granite slab on Whitecap 

We made it. 

Trying to look cool. 

Ice on the trail

Traversing the granite 

Bailey's Cairn... we'll both have some ashes spread
beneath this marker. There's a good view of the
Mahoosucs, White Mountains, and Sunday River.  


Sunday River

He knows we're heading back to Treatland for.... 

Yup... a Peanut Butter Kong. 

Monday, April 4, 2022

Pond skimming @ Black Mountain

Last week, Black Mountain hosted their annual Family Fun Weekend. The last event on Sunday is Pond Skimming. Naturally, Azi and Bender jumped right in. Azi's first and Bender is second.

Azi's video is below...


Bender's video is below

The boys...


Stylin' for the Spring Dance

Azi and his pal Bender (Netherlands) suited up for the spring dance after a day on the slopes. They had the best time. 

On Sunday, April 3rd, Azi and Bender took their last-ever run at Black Mountain... in their underwear. They've had the best time skiing at the mountain. Bender played basketball but skied on the weekends. Azi skied for the team. This last couple of weeks have been the best for them. 

Last run: an underwear run @ 47 degrees. 


Not that I'm counting... Black Mountain 04-04-2022 #48


Coming down Allagash Trail 

We started out the new year on a good note hiking-wise, but fell a bit behind in February and March. We've hiked 48 mountains thus far, the majority on Whitecap and more recently on Mystery. 

Today, with the ski area closed for the year, we trucked up Black Mountain. I figured this may be difficult for Bailey since he's on medication for Anaplasmosis, "a tick-borne disease that infects red blood cells, causing fever and anemia."  But, I was the one lagging. He must have been a quarter mile ahead of me on the last steep section.    

On the way home form the mountain, Bailey fell asleep and was snoring the back seat. It's an 8-minute drive. Cracked me up. 

Bailey waaay ahead of me on Black Mt

Selfie to catch my breath.