Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The Days I Live For... Hike #47

On the Allagash Trail, Black Mountain. 
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We'll have at least 2 more snowstorms here in Maine, and the temps will drop into the teens for weeks to come. But for these few days, we have springtime, Windex-blue skies, and corn snow. Not much better than that....

If you're reading this post years after I die, I want to make clear that the title is not hyperbole. There's not much I enjoy more than a hiking trail, sunshine, cool temps, and a dog who did not roll in turkey poop (this time). 

Bald in Weld on the left. 

Find the Berner in this picture. There's a picnic table up there and, naturally 
enough, years ago Bailey found someone's half-eaten sandwich so 
he goes up there on every hike in search of taste bud delights.

Smug dog who out-climbed me on this hike. 

Summit snakes--Bailey always finds leftover. 

Looking down on the Woods Trail where I
spent years cruising as a kid. 


Thursday, March 18, 2021

Spring has sprung.....#45

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Yesterday, I lounged on my back deck in 50-degree sunshine. I promised myself 20 minutes, but woke up an hour later. Today, with low clouds, we hiked the trails from the town garage up toward Joe Pond and then back down through the Virginia section of town where. I live. Ice, mud, and snow made hiking a tedious affair, but as always, good to get out no matter what. 

Mill smoke with Bald mountain in the background--
at least I'm pretty sure it's Bald in Weld. 

Last of the snowmobile trail. 

I'm getting a treat, right? 

Heading back down toward Virginia School.


No. Really. Treat? 


Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Red Hill Trail #44

Sunday River & Mount Washington. Click on photos to enlarge.

Today, at 30 degrees, felt like summer after yesterday’s ice derby with a wind chill between -15 to -25F. We hiked up the 19th-century farm road that passes a rock cellar; the plowed road mixed dirt, snow from recent flurries, and ice. Today, we headed left at the first gate on the snowmobile trail about 1.1 mile up. We  continued on another 1.5 miles to a trail on the left with a fun view of the full span of Sunday River and a glimpse of Mount Washington.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Four more hikes... up to #43.


Joe Pond Loop
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Today, with the wind, I'd estimate the 15 degrees felt more like –15 to –25. Not fun. I slipped on ice, fell into a post hole someone had left, and watched wide-eyed as Bailey sprinted toward something 1/4 mile away. I worried that he'd fall prey to a post hole or ice, too. Now, the weather looks to be warming up later this week and I'm ready. My motto: Forties are fine!  

The past few days we did two hikes around the Joe Pond trails, one on Red Hill, and the squirrelly adventure today on the cross-country trail that really shouldn't be called a hike. But... Hike Your Own Hike. At least we were out there.   

Bark Box delivery... he went crazy
with the squeaky toys and treats. 

Post cold-weather hike. "Let's rest." 

At Aunt Sharon's smelling the chili. He didn't
really want to go hime with me--couldn't blame him. 


Monday, March 8, 2021

Black Mountain.... #39

Mt Blue on the left and Bald Mt on the right
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Our favorite time to climb Black Mountain is upon us. It's cool enough, firm enough, and beautiful enough to make for a perfect hike near 3.0 hike. Today's Windex blue skies and light winds made the hiking plain old enjoyable. I took a slew of photos of me, and I promise to take most down once I decide which one makes me look youngest, handsomest, finest, tanest... 

Bailey did well on this hike--he led the whole way. I was a bit slow. No matter. We got up and we got down... and that's the name of that tune. As always, HYOH... hike your own hike.