Monday, March 15, 2021

Four more hikes... up to #43.


Joe Pond Loop
Click photos to enlarge. 

Today, with the wind, I'd estimate the 15 degrees felt more like –15 to –25. Not fun. I slipped on ice, fell into a post hole someone had left, and watched wide-eyed as Bailey sprinted toward something 1/4 mile away. I worried that he'd fall prey to a post hole or ice, too. Now, the weather looks to be warming up later this week and I'm ready. My motto: Forties are fine!  

The past few days we did two hikes around the Joe Pond trails, one on Red Hill, and the squirrelly adventure today on the cross-country trail that really shouldn't be called a hike. But... Hike Your Own Hike. At least we were out there.   

Bark Box delivery... he went crazy
with the squeaky toys and treats. 

Post cold-weather hike. "Let's rest." 

At Aunt Sharon's smelling the chili. He didn't
really want to go hime with me--couldn't blame him. 


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