Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mt. Zircon… April 20, 2104

Mt Zircon
With a big sun and no leaves on the trees, the snow in the woods is disintegrating. I discovered this on a hike in my backyard that heads up to Joe Pond. With the success of that hike, I decide to head off to Mt. Zircon, a mountain across the river and in plain view of my house, especially from my second floor bedroom and the sports' room.

The trail had bare spots and areas with 3 feet of snow. Most of the time the trail with snow was firm with just an inch of soft snow for footing. When I did break through the deeper snow up to my shin or beyond, that's where the work came in. That didn't happen much, but when it did, I knew I'd pay for it the next day. And I have.
Barbara Kent Trevett c. 1948

Along with Easter, April 20th was also my sister's birthday. She would have been 70 years old. She would have liked knowing how her brothers and husband celebrated her on email, how her granddaughter Caroline posted on Facebook a late-1940's Easter picture of her, and how her younger brother thought of his sister and her influence on his life as he climbed Mt. Zircon. Happy Birthday, Barbie.

For the complete album of pictures from the hike, click here.

The Presidential Range from the top of Mt Zircon

Bailey on top of Zircon

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Close Encounters with a Moose

We went hiking on Red Hike Trail today and headed up toward the top of Glassface Mountain. Not 10 minutes into the hike we ran into a moose. Bailey stared; the moose stared. If you'd like to see the full album from the hike, just click on this sentence. And remember to click on the photos to enlarge. 

Bailey and Bullwinkle have a staring contest.

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After the April's Fool Hike

April 1st, 2014…. We went hiking around Black Mountain's cross-country trails and the alpine slope this afternoon. How great to be in warm weather. Now, out on the back deck, we soaked in the sunshine and lay in the snow to cool off. Spring is here!