Sunday, April 30, 2017

Two days after "ice out."

I saw on Weld's Facebook site, "You Know You're from Weld, Maine if..." that the wind came up on Friday, April 28, and out went the ice. One Spring I arrived the day of ice out--I figure I missed the event by a few minutes, but on the beach in front of the Burt Camp, a pile of ice about six feet high and 30 - 40 feet long lined the beach.

The last of the snow on Little Jackson. 

The winter winds and snow slapped the wood pile around. 

Birds and the %$#^ Squirrel

This winter I began feeding the birds. Except for the damned squirrel, I've enjoyed the experience. Here are few shots from this spring. You'll note Bailey in the last mound of snow in our yard. Plus, the squirrel.  

After a Whitecap Mountain hike. 


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Road Trip: The Presidential Range (NH)

Presidential Range from near Twin Mountain, NH. 
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Mount Washington.
Mount Washington with the Cog Railway traversing the slope.
Mount Washington Hotel

Mount Washington with the Cog tracks to the left
Top of The Rock. 
Ravine to the left of the Cog is Burt Ravine
Burt Ravine