Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The Days I Live For... Hike #47

On the Allagash Trail, Black Mountain. 
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We'll have at least 2 more snowstorms here in Maine, and the temps will drop into the teens for weeks to come. But for these few days, we have springtime, Windex-blue skies, and corn snow. Not much better than that....

If you're reading this post years after I die, I want to make clear that the title is not hyperbole. There's not much I enjoy more than a hiking trail, sunshine, cool temps, and a dog who did not roll in turkey poop (this time). 

Bald in Weld on the left. 

Find the Berner in this picture. There's a picnic table up there and, naturally 
enough, years ago Bailey found someone's half-eaten sandwich so 
he goes up there on every hike in search of taste bud delights.

Smug dog who out-climbed me on this hike. 

Summit snakes--Bailey always finds leftover. 

Looking down on the Woods Trail where I
spent years cruising as a kid. 


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