Sunday, June 10, 2018

Maggie's Room

Our Maggie
Here's the big news from Pam and Fred... A portion of Maggie's estate has been given to the camp to build a new bedroom on the back porch of the Edwards' camp and to put new pine wood in the other back bedroom. Ultimately, the two bedrooms will look like Aunt Barbie's room in the front of the camp; the rooms will also have new windows (that actually go up and down!) plus new mattresses. In addition, Pam and Fred are dedicating more of the estate funds for new windows on the front porch of the Edwards!

This summer, we'll raise a glass in celebration of our Maggie and her room in the Edwards' Camp. Thanks, Pam and Fred!

Talking room and wood and technical stuff. 

Gorgeous day in Weld. 

Here's the wood that will go on the walls. 

Here's the dogs keeping an eye on the work in progress. 

From inside Edwards' camp; note the door that will lead into Maggie's Room. 

Pam & Fred on a union contracted break. 

Maggie's Room Construction Site. 

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