Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Grandpa Burt, Mount Washington, and Among the Clouds


I won't dwell on the embarrassment of "finding" a packet of my grandfather's Boston Globe articles (columns) from 1958. Suffice it to say, they were sitting in plain sight on top of the first-floor bookcase in an envelope. My  search (it took all of 90 seconds) ensured after Rob shared that his son, Ryan, and his wife, Kristin, purchased a Christmas-gift copy of Burt's Among the Clouds (c. 1877), our great-great grandfather's newspaper published on the summit of Mount Washington. I took a few photographs of the articles and may be interested in more fully sharing the articles and materials throughout the winter. 

Next, I discovered (in the same bookcase right next to the articles) a 1974 reprint of Vol. 1, NO. 1 of Burt's Among the Clouds and a special edition of the newspaper that celebrated Grandpa Burt's 1960 publication of The Story of Mount Washington. An author's signing party took place on the summit in the summer of 1960, and if I'm correct, both Rob and our mother attended. That memory may be hazy.

Remember, click on photos to enlarge. Laptop or desktop will allow better viewing.    

Burt's Among the Clouds 

The Story of Mount Washington


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