Monday, May 25, 2020

Hiking Bretton Woods

Mount Washington Hotel and the cloud encased Mount Washington

I've been sidelined from hiking for the past few weeks due to a bout of patella tendonitis (a knee issue). Today, I intended to take a big loop around the White Mountains in New Hampshire stopping here and there for walks. Half way around the loop I stopped The Rig at Bretton Woods ski area, just opposite the Mount Washington Hotel and Mount Washington. I figure that Bailey and I could stretch our legs and pee on the mountain. About an hour later we had summited. Odd how that goes. I didn't think my knee would handle a strenuous hike, but lo and behold no issues. I'm thinking it may be my new hiking shoes that have caused an issue. Remember: Click photos to enlarge. 


Four feet near the summit

Race information 1/4 of the way up


Mountain map

Near the summit lodge and conference center

Good view of Mount Washington with the Cog Railway on the left

Conference center and lodge at summit

From a parking lot near the mountain

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  1. These shots of Mt. Washington bring back fond memories from my college days. The Mountain, tallest east of the Mississippi I recall,figures in family history too thanks to the work of journalist Cousin Leslie Holden Dixon.