Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Hike #185... Mount Will


Initially, I had planned to tackle Bethel's Long Trail today, but time kept ticking away and the thought of a 3-hour hike 40 minutes away in west Bethel felt unrealistic. Instead, we took the quick drive to Bethel's Mount Will and hoofed around that loop trail featuring glimpses of Sunday River Ski Resort (which opens tomorrow!) and a path to the Gray Memorial, the site of a small plane crash that killed 2 with one survivor. I've been to that site and decided to bypass it this time. Mount Will has fun views of the Androscoggin River and from the South Ledges views of the White Mountains. This AllTrails APP website has my pictures from the hike (scroll down on the left-hand side to reveal photographs). 


  1. Delighted to come upon your blog today after Dave and I climbed Mt. Will.
    Fun to read. Kathy G

    1. Hey Kathy, Great to hear from you. I wonder how you found "One Dog's Writer." Maybe Googling the Mt Will hike and seeing pictures connected to the blog... I have fun chronicling my hikes. Happy days!