Saturday, November 27, 2021

Azi's Thanksgiving... #191

Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Day Match.
A small but enthusiastic group.   

After Azi played in the annual Turkey Day Soccer Match from 9am - 10:30am, I said to him, "We're going hiking!" He's a good sport--especially after I explained Glassface Ledges only takes 25-30 minutes to summit (though that 25 minutes to fairly straight up).  

Thanksgiving dinner was quiet and as my friend Betty Wood would say, "I was a disgusted Pig" the way I stuffed my face. The best part of the meal was catching Azi in his post-turkey-dinner food coma (see below). Classic--and yes, we were watching American football. 

On Friday, our friend Marie took Azi and Kimey (Italy) on a Black Friday shopping excursion to the Portland Mall. What a time they had... and Azi, in typical American fashion, shopped his face off.  :-) 

Heading up to the Glassface Ledges

Posing on the summit

Great contrasting colors. 

Bailey gets pre-hike tummy rubs. 

The one disappointment: no cranberry sauce. 

Azi in his post-turkey-dinner food coma... Blaha!

Black Friday Survivors: Marie and Azi 

Yes, Bailey gets a special treat. 

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