Monday, January 31, 2022

Black Mountain on a pretty nice Monday

Heading for a treat at warp speed for an old guy. 

Bailey and I are both pooped right now, but what a fun hike. Half way up the main slope, Bailey remembered the smorgasbord that awaited him at the top of the mountain. Seems like people have their lunches on the deck of the top hut or BBQ something on its gas burner, and then toss leftovers here and there. Mid-hike, Bailey started running toward that hut. I'll see tonight if he discovered some food and whether that food soured his stomach. That'd be a bummer because then I'd have to start leashing him. Check out the blue skies and gorgeous snow texture.   

Bald Mountain and its Saddle in the Weld area

Mount Blue

Picnic area on Black Mountain

Mount Blue

Feed me. 

"Oh, wait! There's a picnic waiting for me."

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