Sunday, January 2, 2022

Facebook Brag Post


Loving the snow. 

I tried not to sound like a braggart when posting our 213 hikes for '21 on social media. Here's what I wrote with pictures below. I did write captions for each picture, but I'm too lazy to do that again! I received a lot of positive responses from friends and family: 


Yesterday, Bailey and I scampered up Whitecap to the western overlook on the Yellow Trail. That was Hike #213 for 2021 (last year we hiked 209). This wasn't any big athletic accomplishment on our part; more like good scheduling, access to Ibuprofen, the know-how to tape up broken toenails, luck (especially in the summer heat), and treats for the old mutt. I'm done counting hikes; now we're just going to enjoy our days on the trails. I wish the same for all of you. HYOH...

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