Saturday, August 29, 2020

North Road C-19 Escape



Italian sandwich from Sam's... and a Whoopie Pie. :-)

With life closed down, I've found my almost daily escapes in the mountains. Usually, we hike, but not this time. Yesterday at 1:00pm, after stopping at Sam's Italian Sandwich Shop, we drove up through the Mahoosuc Range past Grafton Notch State Park. I took a left-hand turn onto the North Road and drove a mile to a small rise with a view of Old Speck. 

Once organized, I walked Bailey down the gravel road for a mile and a half and then back. It was one of those days that felt like a precursor to fall: Windex blue skies, a steady wind, cool but not cold. After the walk ("hike"), Bailey got a treat and I grabbed a small bottle of wine and finished the book Worthy by Catherine Ryan Hyde. I've read about 10 of her books over the past 6 months--my all-time favorite by Hyde has been Have You Seen Luis Velez?  Worthy has all the right ingredients for a great read, but one section took the wind out of my reader's sails. Nevertheless, I finished and enjoyed the overall story.   

After the book, I took a power nap and then prepared dinner: I pulled out an Italian sandwich form the refrigerator. I topped off the meal with a Whoopie Pie (that I did not earn with my lackluster 3-miler). About 5:00pm we headed back to Rumford. The Rig's new tires and Sumo bump stops handled the gravel road well. I still wish The Rig were a bit higher off the ground, but you can't have everything. Right? 

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