Saturday, August 1, 2020

"Glamping" with Friends

Carol and Jerry Kiesman

I've known Jerry since the early 1980s. We met on a soccer field--he was playing and I was refereeing. We've coached together, taught together, and traveled together for just about 40 years. How Carol can stand listening to our stories is beyond me. Oh--wait--she's a good sport (also known as a saint).

I stayed in one state park last year in northern New Hampshire. This private park, Roger's Campground, right on Route 2 outside Lancaster, offered a full hook up and that was helpful in the morning when the temps hit 55 degrees and heat seemed like a smart idea.  

Carol and Jerry are both school administrators who spend their summers traveling in this monster of a trailer, a.k.a., a 5th wheel. They stay in places like Bar Harbor, Morrison VT, and the southern coast of Maine. It'll be fun to see what they do and where they go when they retire. They're thinking about full timing for a while, so let's see what happens to these two free spirits and friends.   

Their little 5th wheel

Their friend Rich

The view from Roger's Campground

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