Saturday, April 24, 2021

Celebrating UMaine's Graduation with Hike #65


We're not having a live graduation again this year at UMaine, so professors and staff from my college prepared a quick video of congratulations. Bailey and I climbed Whitecap to do the honors--last year, we hiked Black Mountain to the true summit for the video. On another note, as we came down, we met a group of 6, 20-somethings about half way up Whitecap. One of the hikers had her leg amputated at the hip and hiked with those metal crutches that balance on your forearms and come about waist high. I love people who push through and live life. In a way, I suppose, that's all of us, missing parts or not. HYOH. 

This picture will be at the end of the video. 
Click on photos to enlarge. 

"I'm pooped. Where's my treat?" 

Sunday River & Mount Washington

Two Rumford friends posing with the poser. 

Just below Bailey's cairn. 

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