Friday, February 19, 2021

Whitecap to the Saddle

This branch swiped my hat as I walked beneath it!
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We hiked up the Yellow trail to the saddle between Whitecap and the adjoining, unnamed mountain. The snow gives a good workout even though the trail is fairly hard packed.  I could hear a couple of skiers talking on the mountainside but couldn't eye them. Three snowmobilers drove by on the first half of Yellow and then we were on our own. I didn't realize, or may have forgotten, that it's possible in the wintertime to see White Heat trail on Sunday River from Whitecap's Yellow trail. 

Connector Trail Bridge

Connector Trail signs

Yellow trail signs in the Saddle

Bailey thinking treats when we return home. 

Me mucking about with overhead selfies on
the bottom of the Yellow trail.  

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