Sunday, February 21, 2021

Whitecap to Bailey's Cairn (Hike #28)

Looking toward Sunday River, The White Mountains, and The Mahoosuc Range
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RUMFORD WHITECAP: We hiked up Orange Trail to Yellow and crossed over to what I call the Western Summit [regular Whitecap hikers will know that the Western Summit isn't really a summit at all]. From the trailhead until I got out of the trees, I wore microspikes and stayed center trail to avoid post-holing. No issues. FYI: Bailey wore uncut claws. On Yellow, the snow was windblown and softer; we still avoided postholes, but hiking proved a hair trickier balancing center trail. Backcountry skiers had skied down the hiking trail above treeline, so in places it was difficult to spot the hard-packed snow of the hiking trail. I'm not complaining! The skiers and snowshoers have kept the trail well packed allowing me to hike without snowshoes for a decade. Hikers: With warmer weather coming midweek, I'm wondering how much the snow will soften. Think about snowshoes if you're heading beyond treeline. As always, HYOH.

Ice Cairn marking the trailhead

Note Mt Abram in Lockmills

Where Orange meets Yellow


Only place I've post-holed all winter--went through 2-3 times

Note the snowshowers


The treat machine. 

Just nice. 

Mt Abram

Bailey's Cairn from a distance

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  1. Keep on trekking! Bailey deserves double time on the treats