Thursday, February 18, 2021

Dr. Anne M. Kent, Endowed Chair in Women's Health, Hoag Hospital, Newport Beach, CA


Yesterday, we celebrated Anne. After 30 years at Hoag Hospital serving the women of the community and delivering 10,000 babies, Anne received an endowed chair in medicine from the Board of Trustees of the hospital. Robert T. Braithwaite, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, announced the award and a long-time colleague in women's health, Dr. Allyson Brooks, spoke at the board meeting celebrating Anne's deep commitment to her patients, her colleagues, and the hospital community. Dr. Brooks wept as she began--so did I. 

What I appreciated most about Dr. Brooks' talk at the board meeting was its focus Anne's humanity and her deep commitment to others. She titled her talk, "I can do that..." in tribute to Anne's willingness to be involved in everyanything that benefitted her patients, her colleagues, the hospital, and the community. The same can be said of her commitment to family and friends.  

Yesterday, Rob sent around the board announcement, and the family swelled with pride over our sister's accomplishments. It won't surprise anyone that Anne has joined a clinical research trial in her battle against Bulbar ALS. It has not surprised any of us in her family that in the past 6 months she has gone water skiing, snow skiing, hiking, and biking with family and friends. She put on her annual Christmas extravaganza; babysits her grandson, Husdon, once or twice a week; and stays independent. Last week she flew up to visit her son Ryan and his wife Kristin in The Bay Area. Yesterday afternoon, she booked an Air BB and drove up to Santa Barbara where Rob would arrive after work. I can picture them walking the beach hand in hand at sunset.  

Congratulations, Anne. I love you. 

Anne loving camp
September 7, 2020, Weld, Maine



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