Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Toenails & Whitecap

 The foot of a long-distance hiker who's logging 25 miles a day.

This is NOT my foot. 
Click on photos to enlarge.... :-) 

One issue non hikers might not think about is foot health. In the Army, we were always lectured about keeping our feet dry and clean. As a day hiker, I have to keep my eye on my feet, knees, hips, and toes along with hydration. I've battled a toenail issue for several years.  On the way down a mountain, the front of your shoe tends to slam into your big toe. That, in turn, can crack a toe nail. And there you have it... a problem. 

Yesterday, on Whitecap, the pain in my left big toe disappeared on the way up, but on the way down, I had to adjust my foot plant so I didn't irritate that toe. I do minor "surgery" before each hike to wrap my toe and sometimes add gauze beneath the toenail. It's what happens when you hike. Above is the foot of a long-distance hiker I follow named Crunchmaster who has hiked 13,500+ miles over the past few years. That's what happens to your feet when you hike 25 miles a day. As for me, I might hike 25 miles in a week! 

Here are photos of Whitecap on a beautiful, January day at 15 degrees. 

Off the summit. 

Mt Abrams ski resort

Washington and Sunday River

That's Bailey's Carin where part of him will lay 
after he heads off to the great hiking trail in the sky. 

Right after the first stream. 

Where's my treat? 

Collapsed post-hike. 

Ready for action. 


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