Friday, January 15, 2021

Mount Will, Bethel .... Hike #10

 We trucked off to Bethel on Thursday afternoon. In about 18 minutes we were at the trailhead of Mount Will. Microspikes, water, treats, and a double layer of hats we headed off toward the North Cliffs. Mount Will has been cut a great deal, so the lower levels look like remnants of a war zone with branches and bark scattered all over. The higher we climbed, the more forested. Like most Maine forests, this is an old one. 

We stopped by the Gray Memorial, the site of a long-ago plane crash that killed 2. One survived. My other purpose in  climbing Will was to see if I were mistaken about seeing Sunday River from along the summit trail. Not only did we see splashes of the seven-mountain ski resort where I worked in the late 1970s and early 1980s, now there's a home (a ski chalet?) about 150 yards from the summit trail that has a full-on view of the mountain. There's a snowmobile trail that winds its way up from the house, but I didn't go closer to the home than about 75 yards. They've earned their privacy. 

Near the summit on the Northern Ledges' side

From the Northern Ledges

Near the trailhead

From the Northern Ledges

From the Northern Ledges

Sunday River through the trees

Gray Memorial

The blue bit is part of the plane's fuselage. The local
small-town air field is just beyond Mt. Will near Bethel center.  

Southern Ledges

Mt Abrams

Note the gray bits in Bailey's eyebrows and on his snout. 

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