Sunday, September 13, 2020

Kristin & Ryan's Wedding

Kristin & Ryan in Weld a few days before their wedding. 

With COVID-19, life is different. We endure. Yesterday, Kristin and Ryan were married in Charleston, SC with just immediate family in attendance. However, around 80 of us joined via a video link. The audio didn't do the service justice, but I sure liked watching the affair with Pam & Fred and Anna & Allen. Here's to the newest Kent family... many happy days. 

Mom and Dad with Ry-Ry

Ryan and mom Anne

Tyler, Ryan, and Rob

                                                     Some of the Kent uncles and aunts

Kristin played varsity soccer at Stanford University, 
so Bailey chose an appropriate necktie. 


Cake craziness

The video feed afterwards. The bride and groom 
saying hello to all of us.

"Take my picture for Kristin."

Cousin Ian and Julie in Weld watching the service. 

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