Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hiking up to think back: Whitecap with Darren Miller

"Treats galore!" Darren & Bailey
on Whitecap's western summit.
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What a terrific summer for meeting up with former student-athletes. Today, Darren Miller and I hiked Whitecap Mountain's main trail and trucked over to the Connector Trail near tree line. Darren played on the Rumford High School varsity soccer team and skied for the RHS varsity ski team back in the 1980s. He also reminded me that he attended the Rumford Learning Center as a first-year student when I ran that little school out of my home.

Darren: Whitecap's west summit
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An officer in the US Air Force, Darren is stationed in Germany where he met his wife Margit ("Hi, Margit! I look forward to meeting you some day!"). This November, Darren will retire from active duty after 20 years of service to his country and create a new professional life. "Such things to be!"

I love reconnecting with former students so many years later. It's interesting to hear about their lives. I remember Darren as a bright-eyed teenager filled with positive energy–he always wore a smile. Darren had a slew of active friends and loved soccer, skiing, and tennis.  It's fascinating to come to know the adult version of former student-colleagues. Their stories of days gone by spark many memories… what a great way to hike a mountain.

See you again, Darren!

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The old guy and his hiking partner. 

Toward Concord Pond. 

Western View Toward Sunday River and the Presidential Range. 

Toward the Androscoggin River Valley

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