Thursday, August 14, 2014

A life of contemplation

One with the carpet… click to enlarge. 
I wonder what he's thinking about, not that dogs think. I wonder if this pose is one of expectation as he waits for the next treat, scratch, pat, bowl of food, soft words, brush, walk, hike, ride….

Perhaps he's sniffing his back paw and all the great smells he came upon this morning on our walk. Maybe there's leftover peanut butter from yesterday's Kong, stuffed with cookies and smeared with Jiff. 

Or maybe he's thinking about the long gentle road up Red Hill or the pool on top of the Parker Ridge Trail where he rested after summiting on a hot August day. Maybe he remembers last night's belly rub or the long strokes of the brush down the middle of his back.

Top of Parker Ridge with Tumbledown Mt and Crater Lake in the background.

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