Monday, August 4, 2014

Exploring the Black Mountain Glades

Aurele Legere Ski Jump, Black Mountain, c. 1981
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On a hike up the glades of Black Mountain today, I discovered the old take off for the Aurele Legere 55 meter Ski Jump. The remains are all twisted metal and boards. Jeff Knight, the former ski area manager, told me the porcupines had gotten to the jump's wooden support columns.

As I stared at the pile of debris on my hike, I remembered sitting up on top of the jump during the summer of 1981. The wind blew and rocked the tower back and forth while I drafted my poem, "Summer Jump."

The rest of the hike through several glades and main trails sucked the wind out of us because the temperature and humidity were both fairly high. Nonetheless, a good hike with interesting memories.

Bailey in the glades

Western Mountains of Maine

Cooling mechanism in full swing! 

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