Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Cleaning up after flood damage...

Burt's Point, Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Pam, Fred, Denny, Mark, and I tackled the flooded camps, beach, and the grounds. Lots of issues surfaced, from plumbing to holes in the roof, from piles of beach debris to camp floors covered in dirt, silt, and sand.   

All it took was a couple of extra bodies to make this job doable. Perhaps next year a few different folks could make the time to help with opening the camps. And let's hope we don't have winter floods again. 

What's next? Our camp maintenance person, Dr. Freddy, is eyeing the disaster beneath the Kent camp. Here's what happened. The winter flood waters dragged in debris (e.g., dirt, leaves, branches, beach balls, and garbage) from the brook, lake, and land. That debris, frozen throughout the winter, is trapped in and around the PVC pipes beneath the camp.  As the ice let out and the water receded, the pipes may have been compromised (i.e., ripped to pieces). The claustrophobic work will have Fred, on his back, shimmying beneath the camp to dislodge the debris. We'll wait for his report. Neither our maintenance man nor our local plumbers would do this work.  

On a personal note, I want to add: Barbara Burt Kent died 50 years ago this September. Prior to her death she signed over the Kent Camp and the Little House to her five children. For the past 50 years, we five have maintained, paid for, and improved the camps. We also purchased the Edwards' camp. When I write, "we five," I include spouses and partners, children and friends, and hired help. Fifty years

My ballpark estimate of the work thus far is 100 person hours.  

Here are photos of some of the work and scenes:

Fried electrical and a lonely loon. 

Kent Camp kitchen

Sad loss, though I have a replacement. Uncle Allen 
sent us all copies of this photo album. 

Results of the second wash and then steam cleaning
of the Kent camp floor. Thanks to Jen Trevett for
purchasing the steam cleaner and Mark & Elise Pelletier for 
purchasing the extra pads for the steam cleaner as well as
fancy cleaning cloths. 

Bunk beds... they're wicked heavy.

Emptying the Kent camp

Emptying the Edwards' camp

May 25, 2024

After two washes, the steam machine. 

Mark with debris

Fred, Pam, and Mark

Denny trucking across the tree farm bridge to
dump debris... he looks like Tom Cruise in Top Gun!

Pam gathering pine cones for fire starters.  

Sunday, May 26, 2024--a picture by Denny
early in the morning. 


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  1. Terrific job! Thanks to everyone.

    Rich: would you develop a list of work that remains and/or develops to be done as the Summer goes by? (However small or large these tasks may be.) Each of us will learn to appreciate the work you all have done by contributing ourselves, and Camp will be better for it.

    Uncle Allen