Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Clean desk and six mountains

Ready. Set. Clean Desk.

Since hiking Bald Mountain in the Rangeley area on April 26, I've hiked 6 small mountains in the local area, including Whitecap, Red Hill (2), Mystery Mountain, Glassface Ledges, and Black Mountain Ski Resort. I loved yesterday's loop on Whitecap. I ran into a hiker with two friendly labs and three young women who  probably just finished college classes. Talk about happy pups and hikers on this brilliant spring day.

Yesterday, before Whitecap, I spent three hours cleaning my work desk. This is all in preparation for a new book, One Dog's Writer: Writing, Hiking, and Cruising with Bailey Tuckerman. Not sure if this project will end up with that subtitle, but I am convinced the main title works... and it has been in the works for the past fourteen years.        

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