Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Slogging on... #197, 198, 199

From Mystery Mountain
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We hiked sections of Whitecap on Saturday wearing microspikes. On the way down one steep section, I caught a cleat and ran down 10-12 feet repeating to myself, "You're going to fall, you're going to get hurt, and you need to call someone." Somehow, I didn't fall but I came out of it with a slight sprained ankle and sore shin. This bonehead move is the second within a week. Now, I'm really going to take it easy. 

On Sunday, we hiked Black Mountain. I hiked like an old dog--no disrespect to Bailey.  Man, I slogged up and down just happy to be finished. The mounds of snow blown by the snowmaking crew look like small mountains on the slopes. It's fun to see snow-farming like this--rain or warm temperatures, the snow isn't going anywhere. 

Today, we skipped up Mystery Mountain. It's only around two miles. Odd thing, I followed a set of footsteps up but no one was at the summit. We came down and the car in the parking lot remained. I bet whoever was trekking went exploring off-trail... or fell off the cliff? Nah. 

Black Mountain 

Whitecap Mountain 

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