Sunday, September 26, 2021

Hike #150 of 2021 is a World Record (for us)!


Bailey and I took Whitecap's Yellow Trail up and connected onto the Orange Trail. We hiked steadily, but I did stop to take photos and say hello to different hikers, especially those who wanted to say hello to the friendly Berner. Half way down I realized we were on a good pace; that, and motivated by a couple of loud hikers and their music blaring from their iPhone, I decided to run the final mile. As a result, we beat our previous record for the past 6 months (or year?). Naturally, it's no big deal (except to me). In effect, Bailey is 80 years old and I'm pushing 70! Old men and their little wins. 

Happy Mushrooms

Mount Washington 

The Mahoosuc Mountain Range

You can see a tinge of fall in the trees. 

Earlier picture, but one I like from this year. 

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