Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Black/White Trail on Black Mountain

Ski area summit. Click photos to enlarge

Bailey's feeling his age, so today, for my hike of Black Mountain, I left him at home. After hikes on Whitecap, he tends to limp favoring his left leg. A couple of times before packing for a hike, I noticed him limping up to me. Thing is, I'm pretty sure he's faking it because just before he'd been prancing around the yard. I suspect he has arthritis or tendonitis, but even when we hike straight up Whitecap's Yellow trail, he powers on. My gut says he's uncomfortable but not injured. I'll keep an eye on it and may get him some anti-inflamatories.  

On this hike, I worried about bugs and especially ticks in the high grass on the ski slopes. They never materialized. I think the dry conditions have killed off these creatures for the time being. The Black/White trail is grown over in places, but it's in pretty good shape otherwise. As you'll see from the map below, I summited the ski area and then headed down one of the ski slopes. A good day... and when I got home after 2 hours away, Bailey whined and cried as he bounced around. I took him down to the Swift River park for a 20 minute walk with all of its glorious smells.  

First section of switchbacks

View of the town/mill from a ski trail

Carins on a ski trail

Good trail about half way up.

New wind towers in Roxbury's farm

Carins marking the Black/White trail

Looking south west

Heading down a ski slope

AllTrails cover

AllTrails map of the hike. 

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