Monday, June 8, 2020

Another Gift...

Rich, Bailey, and Nora Haynes (7)
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Another gift of a teacher's life is meeting our former students' kids. My, aren't we all getting just a bit older. Today, while trucking up the granite on Whitecap's yellow trail, I met up with Sis and Don Haynes and their granddaughter, Nora... age 7. That's right, 7. The little wonder had trekked up a real climber's climb, the steepest section of the mountain.  Nora's dad is Chad Haynes who played soccer in the early 1990s on one of the best-ever teams I coached over my 20 years. Chad also endured my portfolio English classroom, Room 109. (He probably deserves a commendation and a hefty check for surviving that class and its portfolio requirement.)  

As parents, the Haynes were involved and supportive. At the end of each soccer season, they put together scrapbooks of photos and news clippings for the players and me (see below––yes, I still have them).  And at our championship matches, they made hand-painted banners celebrating the season. The one on the right hangs in my gym––it's faded, but on close inspection the banner showcases all the players' and coaches' names. 
That year, we went undefeated in regular season, but got knocked out of the playoffs with a 4-3 loss. But what a season... and as a sophomore, Chad and three of his 10th-grade classmates all started on the first 11 for the entire season. Yes, we did very well the next two seasons, too. 

Scrapbooks of our undefeated regular season by the Haynes

But let's get back to little Nora... holy flying cows, that kid's got wicked game. It'll be fun to keep up with her journey through Chad's Facebook posts.  

We had just finished the up's... now we're heading down. 
The ten-year-old mountain dog is pooped, but what fun he had.  

Bailey Tuckerman on back to back hikes trucking the steeps. 

Mount Washington and 
the White Mountains in the distance

The Haynes heading back to their car after a 4-mile hike 
on a real Maine mountain

Mount Washington in the distance

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