Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Amidst a pandemic, protests, and riots... climbing Black Mountain.

Even my dog took a moment today...
After a few Zoom meetings this morning and the tragedies unfolding with the Black Lives Matter protests, I had to go to one of my churches this afternoon.  Twelve minutes away, Black Mountain is the most accessible.

The worst man. 
Last night, I watched while the Army, police, Secret Service, and the Park Service attacked the peaceful crowd near the White House. Then, I watched in disgust as Trump paraded himself, followed by his sycophants, to a little church. Nothing but a photo op... he held up a bible like a 4th-grade spelling champ with a ribbon and let the press take picture of him. What a fucking idiot.

This may not be the lowest point in American history, but I won't forget the idiot's smug face as he stood in front of the church.

How about some hiking pictures...?  

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