Saturday, April 18, 2020

Stop reading

"Please stop reading." 
This morning while reading a fabulous book titled Stay, Bailey put his feet up on my knees and stared at me.

"Stop reading! Let's Play! Let me have another bone!" This pose is not infrequent, though some days he's more interested in a nap after breakfast.

When I have Zoom meetings with colleagues, students, or an audience of writing center folks or coaches, he often climbs up into my lap and stares into the camera. Most folks laugh, call his name, and offer him a virtual treat. One uptight high school coach was having none of the cute dog deal and acted a bit miffed that my old dog would interrupt the meeting. Ah well.

Then there are those mornings when the 10:00am carrot and coffee break are not quite enough, and he thinks we should start running around the house or go out... or, again, that he deserves yet another mid-morning treat. At these times, he sits on his hind legs, lifts up his big feet, and flops them on my desk while I frantically push the computer and coffee mug off to the side.

We manage, Bailey and I. But life is a compromise for both of us.

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