Saturday, September 14, 2019

Climbing Adams Mountain (mountain #76) and Exploring Evergreen Valley Ski Area (#17 ski area) with Felix

After the hike, Felix posed at this famous Main sign

Felix and I headed about 45 minutes west to Adams Mountain in Stoneham and its defunct ski area, Evergreen Valley. I've long wanted to climb this mountain and see how the years have treated the slopes and its million dollar lodge with 3 cocktail lounges and outdoor pool. The ski area has been vacant since the 1980s and the lodge is in some disrepair but looks OK. Just off the hiking trail, the overgrown ski trail, there's a cemetery. I loved hiking this mountain with Felix because I kept remembering one of the first ski races I coached at Rumford High School being at Evergreen Valley against Tim LaVallee's team from Telstar High School. I could still picture the race course with the chair lift running just off to the side.      

Million dollar lodge empty for 30+ years. 

After the hike we went to our traditional hang out, Dick's Diner in Mexico.
I sent pictures of that burger to Felix's brother, Rasmus.  

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