Monday, July 29, 2019

Hiking Puzzle

Rich and Bailey on the Puzzle My Ledges
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We'd planned to connect with my former student, Lindy Briggette, and her partner Mike as they completed a 35-mile loop in Grafton State Park. But,  I fell behind in work and met up with them as they finished. Nevertheless, Bailey and I trucked up Puzzle Mountain on a sweltering summer's day at 84 degrees.

Lindy's Mike captured several photos of Bailey and me heading up the trail at Puzzle. I'm so grateful to have these photographs.

Rich and Bailey at the trail head on Puzzle Mountain, July 29, 2019

AllTrails map of hike with statistics

In the shade sucking in water... 

Lindy and Mike after their Grafton Notch Loop of 38.6 miles!  

Old Speck from Puzzle Mountain

Wooded trail on Puzzle Mt. 

Lindy and Rich at Puzzle Trailhead

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