Monday, July 1, 2019

Forty in 60! Plus, Ski Area # 11

I should go to a special school to learn how to take selfies.
Remember: Click on photos to enlarge.  
With today’s hike of Saddleback Mountain, Bailey and I broke our hiking record: 40 mountains in 60 days across 3 states. Now, before any of you start sending us flowers, gift cards (ha), or wine (oh, wait...) some of those mountains were wicked small. Nevertheless, we got out there!

Also with today's hike I'm celebrating Katherine Lawler's 98th birthday! A long-time hiker with her kids... Kay, a dedicated Facebook friend, always comments on my hikes and is a role model here in the River Valley for living an involved life. Here's to one of the most savvy nonagenarians I know!

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