Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Monnie's book

Most writers have those go-to books that stimulate writing and prompt ideas. Monica Wood's The Pocket Muse is one of those books for me and for most of the students I've taught. Monnie's prompts force writers to twist their understandings and think more creatively. Here are three examples:

–Write about a noise–or a silence–that won't go away.

– Until _________________, nothing notable had happened in the town of Madison since the year of its founding. (Now, keep on writing.)

–Use the following verbs in any way you wish:
          racket  snug  green  spoon  boggle  snake
They're not all verbs, you say?
"Jeremy is racketing across the lawn as we speak."
"Can you hear earthworms snugging out of the ground as the sun greens the trees?"

                    –Verbs are sometimes a matter of opinion.

A used copy of The Pocket Muse can be purchased for pennies. My advice... invest.

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